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Donate Stocks

Support Furqaan Project by donating stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds.

The total stock value upon transfer is tax-deductible. When you donate an appreciated stock, you receive a FULL market value tax deduction. If you donate a long-term stock, you do not have to pay capital gains on the respective stocks.

Stock donations are simple and quick.

Steps for Donors when making Stock/Mutual Fund donations:

  1. Email [email protected] of your intention to donate stock/mutual funds for Furqaan Project
  2. Authorize your current broker to transfer the stock and provide them with the following information:
    • Name of the stock to be donated:
    • Number of shares to be donated:
    • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s account name: Al-Furqaan Foundation
    • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s account number: PLR-004018
    • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s tax ID: 20-0310701
    • Pershing DTC number: 0443
    • Let the representative know the donation is for Furqaan Project

Should you have any questions, please contact Saturna Brokerage at 800-728-8762, ext 1103 for Rochelle Wolber or 1107 for Samantha McGarrity